Our History

Ballbella is a vibrant online clothing store. Its founder is a small designer, engaged in online clothing stores for ten years. When she was still at school, the beautiful dress in the window of the roadside clothing store stopped her, but she was just a child of an ordinary family, and every time she was deterred by the expensive price of the dress.

Later, the ordinary girl went to college to study fashion design. She hopes that every girl as ordinary as her can wear the beautiful dress that she dreams of, and can get it without too much money. As a result, she designs exquisite but affordable dresses for women of all ages after graduation. These clothes are well made, fashionable and cost-effective. It makes people think your clothes are highly customized.


Our values

We firmly believe that no matter you are ordinary or rich, every female can find her dream dress here to become beautiful and fashionable, so we can afford the price of our dress. We are committed to delivering beauty and all good things


Our mission

Ballbella's goal is to provide customers with the right products at favorable prices. Being beautiful should be as simple and enjoyable as shopping. No matter what kind of products you are looking for, you can find clothes suitable for the corresponding occasions in the product classification, and the product pictures are real pictures. The real product image will not be too different, so the effect will be closer to your clothes image. Our founders hope that all women will find her most beautiful side.